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Barcode Registration Services

Barcode registration involves assigning a unique barcode to your product, enhancing its identification and tracking capabilities throughout the supply chain. This process is pivotal for businesses engaged in manufacturing, warehousing, and retail as it streamlines operations and ensures product authenticity

At Bmcs, we offer a straightforward, cost-effective barcode registration service, facilitating the assignment and registration of a unique barcode for your product. Our assistance extends to obtaining a barcode number from a recognized issuing agency. Additionally, we provide support for the renewal of your barcode registration, ensuring continued efficiency in your product tracking and management processes.

Choose for a seamless and affordable barcode registration experience to enhance the identification and traceability of your products in the market.


A barcode is a visual representation of data in the form of parallel lines with varying widths and spaces, often accompanied by numeric or alphanumeric characters. This graphical pattern is designed to be quickly scanned and interpreted by machines, facilitating the rapid encoding and decoding of essential product information, including product numbers, serial numbers, and batch numbers.

Widely employed across diverse industries such as supermarkets, clothing stores, and malls, barcodes offer numerous advantages. They play a crucial role in minimizing errors, enhancing cost-effectiveness, saving time, and streamlining inventory management processes. Serving as a universal identification system, barcodes benefit all participants in the supply chain—from manufacturers and logistics providers to wholesalers—by providing a straightforward and accurate means of product identification. This standardized approach contributes to improved efficiency and accuracy in various business operations, making it an indispensable tool in the modern business landscape.

Barcodes, comprising parallel lines and a numeric code, constitute a widely embraced technology facilitating efficient data retrieval from a database. Businesses leverage barcodes in diverse ways, including:

There are several types of barcodes, including:

  • EAN-13: Formerly known as the European Article Number, this 13-digit barcode is used in Europe, India, and other countries.
  • UPC-A: The Universal Product Code or UPC-A is a 12-digit barcode commonly used in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Databar Barcodes: These are used for fresh food products and contain additional information such as batch number, expiry date, and weight.
  • 1D Barcodes: The GS1-128 and ITF-14 are highly versatile 1D barcodes used to track items in the global supply chain. The GS1-128 can carry any ID keys and additional information, such as serial numbers and expiration dates. At the same time, the ITF-14 holds the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) and is ideal for application to corrugated materials.
  • 2D Barcodes: These barcodes have gained popularity with online payment wallets and can hold significant information. Businesses widely use them to share websites, videos, and other data. They can hold up to 7000 digits or 4000 characters and integrate data with programs such as MS Office, MS SQL, servers, and other database files.

These are some of the commonly used types of barcodes in India, and businesses can choose the appropriate barcode depending on their specific needs and requirements

Barcode Registration:

Barcode registration is the process of assigning a unique identification code to a product or item and linking it to a corresponding barcode symbol. This coded representation facilitates efficient tracking throughout the supply chain, supporting activities such as inventory management and pricing.

To register a barcode, companies typically obtain a distinct identification number from a global organization such as GS1 or EAN International. These organizations manage centralized databases of registered numbers and allocate them to businesses seeking to implement barcodes for their products.

Once you acquire an identification number, utilize software or hardware compatible with your chosen barcode format (e.g., UPC, EAN, Code 39) to generate the actual barcode symbols. These symbols are then printed on labels or packaging, ensuring a seamless connection between the barcode and the associated identification code stored in your database.

Global barcode registration ensures that your product information is universally recognized, promoting smooth tracking and communication across diverse supply chain systems. This standardized approach enhances operational efficiency and facilitates effective business communication, making barcode registration a valuable tool for businesses aiming to optimize their processes and supply chain management

We are pleased to offer you a package of 100 barcodes with different validity periods based on your turnover.

For businesses with a turnover of up to 5 Crores, we offer:

Our barcode registration service involves obtaining and registering barcode numbers through a reputable agency. Take advantage of our ongoing support and renewal services to ensure that your barcodes adhere to industry standards and stay current throughout their validity periods. Rely on us to simplify your barcode registration process, enhancing sustained business efficiency.

The following documents are typically required for barcode registration:

Please note that the requirements may vary depending on the specific registration authority.

Please note that the fees for barcode registration may vary depending on the specific registration authority and the type of barcode being registered. However, in general, the fees are usually determined based on the following factors:

Based on these factors, the fees for barcode registration in India can range from around Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 5,000 per barcode.

Barcode registration offers several benefits to businesses, including:

To begin the barcode registration process, upload essential documents and business details via our web portal. Consult our business advisor for guidance on registering a barcode for your product.

Select a package and complete payment using the available modes. Upon order placement, a dedicated professional will be assigned to your application.

Following document verification, our team will proceed with barcode registration. Upon successful registration, we will furnish you with barcodes and a certificate.

Complete the process by submitting the required documents, as mentioned earlier, and include a formal letter on your company letterhead requesting barcode allocation. This ensures a thorough and efficient barcode registration process for your business.

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