What challenge(s) do our clients face?

Short-term, day-to-day problems can cause policymakers to overlook what is needed in the long run.

Without a wide and broad vision of the future, there is no clear policy.

The failure of the management team and the board to agree on the way to bid poses a great risk to the company and leads to conflict and conflict from leadership to business

Taking steps to make this happen, and success will not be:

  • While ambition is important, the company's we believe it is equally important to turn this into a clear and balanced plan to keep it moving in the right direction. Also, perhaps good ideas and ideas will go to waste.

  • Such a plan should specify what the key products the company needs, the KPIs to monitor, the management plan to implement the plan, and the resources needed to create a plan.

    Sometimes every company has to return to strategic planning and roadmap design as the main culture to maintain peace, culture and traditional usage to reduce priorities and guide important decisions.

How do we help?

We take a practical approach to Strategic planning and roadmap design, facilitating decision making, building consensus, and turning ideas into actionable plans.

We believe that businesses should take their own destiny into their own hands. Leadership requires setting direction, believing in it, and having a goal. That's why, over the years, working with organizations across the country and across the industry, we've learned that our differences and values ​​make good decisions, including integrating leadership as well as interpreting these ideas clearly and effectively. considering the real problem of each customer.

With this mindset in place, we help our clients:

  1. Bring together, evaluate and prioritize multiple perspectives to assess opportunities, benefits and risks:
    • There is no 'right or wrong' in strategic planning, it depends on the company's goals and we believe our clients know their business better than anyone else. From the very beginning, we work with you to determine the best decision-making process and integration for management and board participation.

    • We identify and evaluate internal and external expectations such as business objectives, historical decision-making processes, business needs, team members, dynamics, competitive environment, business insights, trends, professional and customer interactions, changes and more.

  2. Turn ideas into practical, practical and traceable actions:
    • We help create strategic plans with financial models that show the integrated processes, management processes, KPIs and results needed to solve specific problems and needed plans in the company.

    • But not all – projects can only be realized with the commitment and support of all stakeholders. Employees must follow targets and pace to implement the plan. That's why we make it easy to own the plan for everything - in a good strategic plan, the final presentation is made by the project owner rather than the collective.

What are the benefits?

  • Improve the efficiency and independence of the management team in making good decisions

  • Deep business understanding and external factors that will impact the next cycle

  • Expand strategic thinking and gain new insights by accessing external experts, leaders and support models

  • A clear value proposition and Identifying the accompanying ambition

  • Identifying the capacity needed to achieve the goal

  • Clear strategic pillars and tactical initiatives designed to translate ambition into a solid plan

  • Create a map to identify the important issues and financial implications generator for the circle

How does it work?

The integration approach is based on a partnership focused on creating harmony and strength with our customers.

Strategic planning is a broad term open to many different interpretations and meanings. For us, strategic planning should be a pragmatic process with a road- and business-focused analysis in the medium term, usually 3 to 5 years, depending on the business and the customer.

We believe in this view and do not tolerate futuristic applications that interfere with long-term business. Long-term megatrends are important to score for good thinking, but we believe the strategic plan can impact the company's life over the next 5 years. We approach the strategic plan in 2 main phases and 5 steps, from strategic decision to more detailed:

The Strategic Roadmap is the final product, reflecting the strategy into a concrete plan for the company to execute, with clear pillars of actions and projects to be implemented over time. In our view, this is a fundamental step to guarantee that the strategic definitions become reality.

Over the course of the project, we see our role as supporting our client’s decision-making process. However, this does not mean that Integration does not have a voice. We do challenge our client’s decisions reinforcing the possible scenarios and the implications and risks of each path, the investment needed and the effort in achieving the desired change, be it through culture or process.



The association has the right to work with many regional and international companies in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, financial sector, logistics business owners and construction sectors.

Our experts have developed a deep understanding of the market, best practices and strategic decisions of companies in different geographies and sectors. This enables us to offer our clients powerful and customized solutions that take into account the internal and external environment.

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