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15CA-15CB Filing – Compliance for Foreign Remittances

It is crucial for Indian residents engaged in making payments to or receiving payments from foreign entities to comply with the legal provisions outlined in the Income Tax Act 1961. As per the Act, the mandatory filing of Form 15CA and 15CB with the tax authorities is required before remitting funds to a foreign entity. This process involves complex procedures, demanding a comprehensive understanding of tax laws and regulations. Bmcs offers valuable assistance in navigating the intricacies of filing Form 15CA and 15CB with ease. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that your compliance requirements are met without any hassle. By availing our services, you can streamline the process and meet the necessary legal obligations in a seamless manner.professional assistance to facilitate the swift and efficient establishment of a Section 8 company. Feel free to contact us today to access our professional services for registering your Section 8 Company in India.

Section 195 of the Income-tax Act, 1961

Under Section 195 of the Income Tax Act 1961, any individual or entity responsible for making payments to a non-resident, including a foreign company, is mandated to deduct income tax at the applicable rate before executing the payment. In addition to tax deduction, the remitter is required to submit an undertaking in Form 15CA, outlining the particulars of the payment to the non-resident. For payments exceeding INR 5 lakh, a certificate in Form 15CB, duly attested by a chartered accountant, is necessary. This certificate provides comprehensive details about the nature of the payment, the applied tax rate, and the amount of tax deducted. In essence, compliance with Section 195 involves both tax deduction at source and the submission of requisite forms (Form 15CA and Form 15CB), ensuring adherence to the prescribed procedures when making payments to non-residents.

Importance of Form 15CA and Form 15CB

Form 15CA and Form 15CB are necessary forms that must be submitted under the Income Tax Act, 1961, for any payments made by a resident to a non-resident. Form 15CA is a declaration made by the person making the payment. In contrast, Form 15CB is a certificate issued by a Chartered Accountant (CA), ensuring that the provisions of the Income Tax Act and the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement have been complied with. Both these forms are essential for ensuring timely and accurate reporting of any payments made to non-residents and for ensuring that taxes are collected on time.

Form 15CA: 

Form 15CA is a mandatory declaration for remittances made to a non-resident by an individual or a company. This form must be submitted online on the income tax department’s website before initiating a remittance to a non-resident. The primary objective of Form 15CA is to facilitate the tracking of foreign remittances by the income tax department, ensuring that the remitter complies with tax payment provisions as outlined in the Income Tax Act.

Form 15CB:

As previously mentioned, Form 15CB is a certificate issued by a Chartered Accountant (CA) under Section 195(6) of the Income Tax Act, 1961, specifically for payments to non-residents or foreign companies. This form is utilized to verify that the payment being made aligns with the stipulations of the Income Tax Act and any existing Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) between India and the respective foreign country.

Applicability of Form 15CA and Form CB

Forms 15CA and 15CB are essential components for facilitating foreign remittances under India’s Income Tax Act of 1961. The requirement to furnish these forms is contingent upon the specific nature and value of the remittance.

Applicability of Form 15CA

Applicability of Form 15CA is as follows:

Applicability of Form 15CB

When is Form 15CA not required?

When is Form 15CB not required?

Specified payments where Form 15CA/15CB is not required

As per the latest rules and regulations, the payments where Form 15CA & 15CB are not required include the following:

Form 15CA/15CB is segregated into sections based on various situations. The applicant needs to go through the form and fill in the proper details in the relevant section:

Parts of Form 15CA

Form 15CA has four parts based on the amount of remittance and the requirement of other certificates or orders under the Income Tax Act.

  • Part A is for remittances up to Rs 5 Lakhs during the financial year that are taxable.
  • Part B is for remittances exceeding Rs 5 Lakhs during the financial year that are chargeable to tax, and an order/certificate under Section 195(2)/197/195(3) of the Income Tax Act has been obtained from the Assessing Officer.
  • Part C is for taxable remittances exceeding Rs 5 Lakhs during the fiscal year, and a certificate in Form 15CB must be obtained from a Chartered Accountant.
  • Part D is for remittances that are not chargeable to tax under the provisions of the Income Tax Act.

Various parts of Form 15CB

  • Part A includes details of the remitter, the beneficiary, and the nature of the remittance.
  • Part B: This part requires the Chartered Accountant (CA) to verify whether the provisions of the Income Tax Act and the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement have been complied with and to provide the details of the relevant sections and articles.
  • Part C requires the CA to certify that the information provided in the form is true and correct.
  • Annexure: This is an optional annexure to the form, which can be used to provide additional information or details.

Penalty for not filing Form 15CA-15CB

The penalty for not filing or late filing of Form 15CA-15CB is Rs. 10,000 per instance.

Details required for filing the forms

To file Form 15CA and 15CB, the following details are required:

Procedure for filing Form 15CA and 15CB

The process for filing Form 15CA and 15CB is as follows:

Please note that the process of submitting Form 15CA and Form 15CB may differ based on the particular transaction and other relevant factors.

Bmcs is equipped to assist you throughout the entire process of preparing and submitting Form 15CA-CB, ensuring full compliance with all pertinent regulations.

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