How does it work?

We bring an outside perspective that can help unlock the potential that already exists in your organization.

We believe our customers know their business better than anyone else. At the same time, we offer experience, proven methods and business models to help them overcome their challenges.

To build your business and marketing potential, one step at a time is marketing and trade marketing organization design

  • we understand you and your business,

  • we actually develop solutions, and

  • overcome initial problems and prepare you for the future Test the solutions with you. This usually translates into 3 project phases:

In this process, we consider not only your employees, but also the equipment you own. Planning, process and monitoring can be integrated into the tools you use every day, such as Microsoft Teams, Salesforce or more. This means that there is no need to use expensive or advanced systems to support the systems and processes we develop with you.

While Affiliate does not believe in “copy and paste” solutions, we have developed cross industry models and processes to help our clients self-guide in best practices and solving difficult problems. The framework that underpins our overall analysis examines the macro-level processes that business and marketing systems must address in order to be successful.
It considers the inherent interdependence of the role while clarifying the needs and specific areas that each job must complete.

Business and Marketing Businesses have additional roles in organizations and must work together to provide:

  • Differentiation  Ensuring that product USPs are clearly communicated
  • Organization – Ensuring coordination and synchronisation across all brand activation levers
  • Velocity  ensuring rapid adjustment to customer needs and environmental changes
  • Relationships  ensuring connections at a B2B and B2C level



With extensive experience in a variety of industries including Health & Beauty, Food & Beverage, Agribusiness and others, The alliance guides clients to improve processes and shorten client business time from a B2C and B2B perspective. Based on this knowledge, our experts can test and adapt different management models and methods of business, business management, innovation and business copy to ensure internal operations and efficiency in making buyers from different channels (POS, media). . , etc.).

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BMCS India
BMCS India

Dhruv Patel is an engagement manager at BMCS and has been working since 2019 in the Argentinean office in the Supply Chain Practice.

Dhruv Patel

BMCS India

Aarush Gandhi is a Manager at BMCS with significant experience in Supply Chain and Implementation having worked across both of BMCS practices.

Aarush Gandhi

BMCS India

Nikhil Singh is a Director at BMCS and has been working since July 2011 in the practice of Marketing & Sales. Prior to BMCS, Jonathan was an Analyst

Nikhil Singh

BMCS India

Keshav is a Manager in the Marketing & Sales practice. Originally from Columbia, Luis is an entrepreneur at heart, and has worked in several start-ups in Colombia, receiving his MBA

Keshav Sinha

BMCS India

Chaitanya Varma is a Financial Controller at BMCS and has been part of the Finance area since January 2011. Her experience includes financial analysis.

Chaitanya Varma

BMCS India

Rishi Sinha is a Specialist on Supply Chain Strategy at BMCS, working since 2010 at the firm. He has over 20 years of experience in Supply Chain collaborating with companies

Rishi Sinha

BMCS India

Knish is a Managing Partner and has overseen the Mexico City office since 2008. Prior to BMCS, Gerard accumulated 25 years of experience in executive positions at L’Oréal

Knish Raj

BMCS India

Rajbir is a senior manager I within the Implementation practice at BMCS, and has been part of the team since July 2011. His experience includes leading transformational projects.

Rajbir Kapoor