What challenge(s) do our clients face?

Mergers and acquisitions are hard! Our research and experience show that at least 50% of mergers and acquisitions are not realized at the expected price.

The gap between M&A objectives and reality can often be attributed to one of two reasons: poor planning or poor execution. We work with our clients on both sides, using our expertise to help you avoid most mistakes.

During the planning phase, we often see:

  • A lack of compelling strategic rationale

  • Inadequate due diligence

  • Overstated synergies

  • Payment of an unrealistic price

  • High and/or risky leverage

In execution, there can be additional issues:

Poor and/or divided Leadership

  • Unstructured approach to monitoring the integration

  • Inadequate pace: too slow or too fast

  • Division through conflicting cultures

  • Inadequate communication and disillusioned teams

How do we help?

We work with customers throughout the business cycle to ensure the end to end M&A process is efficient and help achieve and maintain the best results.

Our methodology supports our clients to:

  • Establish a clear rationale for how the transaction will create value and liaise with the business plan

  • Be open and disciplined, do due diligence on all aspects of the business to identify key value levers

  • Only share real ideas with the business and economy

  • Defining an integrated plan and implementation plan, including risks and challenges

  • Introducing and resolving cultural conflicts Prioritizing and incorporating appropriate change management throughout the process

  • Training and empowering individuals and teams to own, manage and capture the integration process

  • Provide leadership, resources and management of the integration process

  • Planning and integration is rigorous and fast coming soon

    We help our clients with different inorganic ideas and concepts:

What are the benefits?

There are several key advantages to using a best-in-class M&A strategy:

  • Empower stakeholders clearly:

    Understand individual expectations and drivers and resolve conflicts with conversational content and goals

  • Improve regulatory investment thesis equity and management:

    Revise and summarize the Key Pillar

  • Improve Synergy Computing Accuracy of:

    Create an appropriate financial test based on your reality to predict, Add and Level Synergy, Improve Risk Analysis and Action Planning with High Detail Create a complete risk assessment and planning execution, business and taking into account key aspects of business movements

  • Adding value through integration:

    Good control to pursue commonality, Focus and empowerment to deal with change

  • Importance of success. Situations are understood and identified:

    Define and integrate post-merger thinking, risk, and planning

  • Avoid all working days within the business:

    Taking a break from important work by limiting need

  • Support your team:

    Prepare your experts to use strategies, tools and methods to forecast, implement and maintain financial resources to stabilize the road and prepare for future challenges

How does it work?

All our solutions are tailored to the specifics of your business, the context of the transaction and the stage of the M&A process.



At Big Management Consultancy, we have extensive business experience helping organizations improve and reduce costs across multiple departments. Our team of experts has in-depth knowledge and understanding of industry-specific issues and best practices.

This broad industry perspective allows us to understand the unique challenges faced by different industries and tailor our solutions accordingly. We use our knowledge and expertise to provide industry-specific information and focus on our customers.



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Ishani Dutta is a Managing Partner at BMCS India. He brings more than 25 years of experience helping companies in diverse industries improve top- and bottom-line results through new Sales and Marketing Strategies.

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Riya Kapoor is an engagement manager within BMCS India Finance & Management practice and has been working in the company since November 2017. His project experience includes go-to-market review.

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Naina Singh joined BMCS India in 2011 and found his home in our Finance & Management practice. He has supported our clients in the creation Strategic Roadmaps, M&A synergy evaluations, Go-to-Market strategies

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Dhruv Patel is an engagement manager in the Marketing & Sales Practice at BMCS India and has been working at the company since May 2021. Prior to BMCS India, Luis Miguel was a senior business strategist

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Navya Pal is a senior manager at BMCS India. From may 2014 to jan 2018 she worked in the Finance & Management Practice, and since then has been serving the Implementation Practice as a Finance & Management

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Pablo Álvarez is an engagement manager within BMCS India Supply Chain area, and has been working in the company since August 2016. His experience at BMCS India includes market scans, go-to-market

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