We are a strategy and management consultancy, focused on implementable solutions leveraging organizations, teams, and individuals, delivering a unique experience.

Founded in São Paulo in 1995, Integration has grown quickly to become one of Latin America’s largest and most successful consultancies. We currently operate with a diverse team across our offices in Buenos Aires, Chicago, London, Mexico City, Munich, San Francisco, Santiago, and São Paulo.

Transformation only takes place when ideas become reality. It is this concept that underlies our awareness that, above all, the recommendations, and solutions we design need to be truly implementable. To make this possible, our approach combines solid technical knowledge with practical methodologies, which are applied extensively in the design and implementation of solutions and the management of people.

We organize ourselves to provide solutions in Marketing & Sales, Supply Chain, Finance & Management, Implementation, Leadership & Organization and Tech & Digital to deliver the best solutions to our clients, we work with integrated teams that ensure the expertise needed to solve the issue at hand transferring ideas, best practices, and learnings from one industry to another.


1. Application

All applications should be done by May 05, 2023, for candidates based in Argentina, Brazil and México.

2. Online Assessment

Let’s see how’s going your knowledge, through an online test which will measure your logical thinking.

3. Webinar

Applying and getting to know Integration: A day-to-day of a Intern in consultancy.


4. Introducing myself

Opportunity to know you, through a video recording where you will introduce yourself and share with us your soft skills.

5. Group Dynamic

At Integration we appreciate teamwork, so let’s meet other people participating in a online group dynamic.

6. Big Management Day

Immersion Day. You’ll have the opportunity to visit our office and understand the routine in a consultancy company.


7. Final round

Final round of the process where will be interviewed by the partners in two steps: Culture Fit and Case interview.



Opportunity to develop your career through a program that can add value to your future as professional in the market.

Identify yourself with our practices: Finance & Management, Implementation, Marketing & Sales, Supply Chain, Leadership & Organization, and Tech & Digital.

Work in different projects with several clients around the globe in a dynamic environment.

Grow into a reality and dynamics of consultancy in practice: Colect, process, organize, plan and delivery.

Experience an environment through our 7 values: respect, cooperation, dignity, simplicity, justice, honesty and truth.