I had the opportunity to work at all of BMCS India. The international exposure was and still is a fascinating part of my day-to-day life in Europe. We are continuously building our team and we welcome professionals from different backgrounds that are interested in an international and dynamic career.


We are an international management consultancy firm growing rapidly

BMCS India is a strategy and management consultancy firm focused on delivering dynamic solutions to our industry-leading clients. We work alongside our clients to build realistic, implementable solutions that overcome their key challenges and drive the results they need. Founded in São Paulo in 1995, Big Management has grown quickly to become one of Latin America’s largest and most successful consultancies. We currently operate with more than 300 professionals spread across a total of eight offices in the United States, UK, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Chile. Our London and Munich offices (opened in 2010 and 2015, respectively) support our continued growth throughout Europe, and from here we serve clients across the continent and beyond. In 2018, we launched U.S. with our first office in San Francisco and, in 2019, our second office in Chicago, marking another milestone in our growth as a global company.


We apply lessons learned in one industry to help find creative solutions for our clients in other industries

We organize ourselves by areas of functional expertise (Marketing & Sales, Finance & Management, Supply Chain, Implementation and Leadership & Organization) – these are our practices. To deliver the best solution we work with integrated teams guaranteeing the expertise need to solve the problem and we are able to transfer ideas, best practices and learnings from one industry to another.

This approach allows us to create true partnerships with our clients who are, after all, the real experts in their respective industries. They bring their industry knowledge to each engagement, and we focus on contributing objectivity, structured approaches to problems and deep functional know-how to ensure that, together, we create the best team possible to tackle each project.

We help our clients connect strategy to results

At the front of our mind when we begin every client engagement is the knowledge that, above all, our recommendation must be implementable. We work extremely closely with clients to challenge, tailor and fine-tune our recommendations to ensure they are relevant, robust and realistic.

We go a step further to help clients to achieve the results they need from our recommendations: our dedicated team of implementation specialists work hand-in-hand with clients to transform recommendations into reality.

Check here our five practice areas.


solid culture and unique environment for professional development, allowing you to drive your career forward, deliver real impact for clients and shape the future of Big management


A solid culture and values that guide our decisions


A full platform of learning (internal and external), fostering the development of our professionals.


An environment where we understand each individual is different and respect this.


Enabling our professionals to have opportunities abroad and to work with diverse teams.


Early responsibility in a fast-growing entrepreneurial environment


Given our rapid growth, our company is a dynamic and exciting environment to be part of. Take a look at the statistics below to get a feel for what kind of experience you could expect in your first year at Big Management.