Our support for solving these problems translates into solutions in 4 areas:


Our purpose

  • Our goal is to help our customers create a competitive advantage via all marketing and sales service.

  • We do this by empowering organizations to deliver unique and differentiated value propositions tailored to their realities and delivered with clarity and validity.

What makes us different?

  • We harness the power of diverse skills, methods, and innovative ideas to consistently exceed our customers' expectations by delivering exceptional results through collaboration.

  • Our approach emphasizes the integration of team expertise, allowing us to effectively address complex challenges comprehensively and offer complete solutions to our clients.

  • We prioritize tailoring our skills, methods, and ideas to meet our customers' specific needs and objectives, ensuring that our collaborative efforts are always focused on delivering the highest value and satisfaction to our clients.

What challenges do we help our clients overcome?

Which direction should be followed to increase revenue, market share or profitability?

We help organizations develop a clear vision for the North and a strategy to achieve it by answering questions such as:

  • What is the best way to enter a new segment or area? (Should I hit?)

  • What changes should I make to my business model to meet the changing needs of my customers?

  • Will I get my nomination? What is danger? How much does it cost to build leverage?

How do I create the best value proposition that connects my product/service to what my customers want?

We encourage our customers to understand their customers deeply, moving away from the 'one-size-fits-all model' in order to achieve their goals and be more effective, decide what to do:

  • Develop cross-border sales strategies that cover countries, brands, channels and customer profiles.

  • Configuring data storage to increase market share while optimizing profitability.

  • Ensure that the strategic plan is effectively translated into the field by the business team and organization.

What are the operational leverages to open customers and increase sales and profitability?

We help our clients turn their work into value-adding performance by answering questions such as:

  • What category management (ranking, pricing, product hierarchy, etc.)? Should I apply to increase revenue and profitability?

  • How can I deliver the right customer experience and conflict in online and offline channels?

  • How do I combine high-level analysis ideas with spiritual ideas, not like style and business?

We provide you

  • Expertise in Marketing and Sales Strategies

  • Market Research

  • Brand Management

  • Store Optimization

  • Category Management

  • Marketing Due Diligence

  • Customer Segmentation

  • Start-up Strategy

  • Innovation

  • Business and Organizational Design

  • Business Analysis

  • Business Scanning

  • Joint Business Models

  • Portfolio Management

  • Product Sales Management


  • Cross-Industry Expertise: With our comprehensive understanding and relationships with industry experts, we provide you with business knowledge, external competition, practical knowledge, benchmarks and best practices.

  • Understanding the Commercial Ecosystem: There are strict and overlapping situations in the business activities of a business, both internally and externally. Our team works in internal areas (e.g., finanace manufacturing, distribution) as well as with external entities (e.g., retailers, buyers).


  • Built from the Outside-In: We respect the "voice of business" by listening to the customers, clients and stakeholders that create every business through discussions, site visits, groups and studies. This ensures that our approach is truly user-friendly and not limited to existing ideas.

  • Strong and Transparent Technical Base: Our recommendations are backed by quality analysis and business model simulators that are publicly available for you to understand, modify and own once the project is complete.

  • Movement and Involvement: Our team ensures collaboration, coordination, and integration of professionals across all areas, not limited to just the business sector, to facilitate a stable and seamless company transition.


  • Unique Project, A Unique Solution: Our projects, solutions, and recommendations are always developed specifically for your needs, taking into account your unique context, starting point, desired end goal, and the market itself.

  • Essence Holds Equal Importance to Analytics: We believe that the most crucial decisions should not rely solely on number crunching and quantitative analyses. Our strategies aim to strike a balance between market needs and the intrinsic business essence, culture, and values.

  • Humility and Respect: It should never seem like we are delivering an 'Integration project,' but rather 'our project.' We actively seek and value your feedback, recognizing that you understand your business better than anyone else.



Provide an in-depth understanding of the business ecosystem, including new customers, categories, regions, or countries, along with entry-related advice.


Developing effective business strategies based on internal and external factors, as well as a pragmatic approach that considers revenue, distribution, and support.


Conduct an independent and rigorous business analysis of purchasing objectives, including the business environment, competitive landscape, company capabilities, and performance.


Supporting our clients in defining their future path/vision and the key steps to achieve it (plans, investments, teams, etc.), creating an energetic network of understanding, leadership, and action.


Support our customers in their unique digital journeys with a human-centric and technology-driven approach.



Develop strategic plans and implement brand strategies based on customer segments, competitors, and market trends.


Turning business goals into reality – Transforming ideas into success through development, talent management, business support, and strategic planning.


Defining a strategic portfolio that clearly outlines product/service activities and positioning, considering both internal and external factors, to enhance efficiency, investment, and innovation.


Developing internal thinking, processes, analytical tools, and controls to streamline product or service innovation and reduce time to market.


Optimize ROI through Business Model Coordination Strategy (BMCS) aligning GTM, product, and marketing policies with a deep understanding of customer and product costs.




Increase sales and profits by optimizing the current product, its presentation, and enhancing the seller-to-buyer differentiation.


Transform marketing strategy into customer-centric marketing to maximize the customer experience and boost sales.


Enhance the customer experience by clearly defining internal service models that provide guidance and recommendations for each journey.




Identify and refine service models to enhance the organization’s efficiency and effectiveness for various customer segments within its target market.


Define or adapt the indirect channel strategy, operating model, and distribution methods to enhance collaboration, efficiency, and sales.”


Build a positive sales culture and environment by developing practices, processes, tools, and KPIs based on customer needs and GTM standards.



  • Our marketing and sales team has executed over 600 projects in the Americas, Europe, and worldwide, spanning various industries including consumer, retail, healthcare, services, commerce, finance, and more. It has served clients in more than 20 sectors.

  • Our experts are trained to apply our methods across multiple industries and contexts, offering our clients a profound understanding of the business environment, events, and best practices. This enables us to provide valuable insights, guidance, and recommendations to our clients at no additional cost.

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BMCS India
BMCS India

Meet A. S. Brar, the dynamic CEO of BMCS India, with a remarkable 16-year legacy in baking. His passion for culinary arts and strong business acumen have made him a distinguished figure. His journey is a testament to the fusion of skill, dedication, and innovation propelling BMCS India to baking excellence. Join us as we explore the life of this visionary leader whose expertise has revolutionized baking in India and worldwide.

A. S. Brar

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
BMCS India

Meet Sumit Saxena, the dedicated Managing Director of BMCS India, boasting a remarkable 16-year legacy in baking expertise. With an unwavering passion for culinary arts, he's a prominent figure in the industry. Join us as we explore his illustrious career marked by innovation, dedication, and a profound commitment to baking, solidifying BMCS India's leadership in the field.

Sumit Saxena

Managing Director(MD)
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Meet Anand Gupta, the distinguished Professional Director at BMCS India, bringing a wealth of experience from the world of banking. With a seasoned background in finance, Mr. Gupta's expertise has been a cornerstone of BMCS India's success. Join us as we delve into his journey, marked by financial acumen, which has played a vital role in shaping BMCS India's standing in the industry.

Anand Gupta

Professional Director
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Meet Sudhir Dwivedi, the accomplished Zonal Head at BMCS India, boasting a wealth of experience in the finance sector. With a seasoned background in financial matters, Mr. Dwivedi's expertise has been a driving force behind BMCS India's success. Join us as we explore his journey, marked by his profound knowledge of finance, which has significantly contributed to BMCS India's standing in the industry.

Sudhir Dwivedi

Zonal Head
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Meet Amit Aggarwal, a seasoned executive with extensive experience at BMCS India. Throughout his career in leadership roles, Amit has consistently showcased his ability to drive organizations to success. His expertise and strategic acumen have played a pivotal role in the company's growth. Join us in exploring Amit Aggarwal's executive journey and his contributions to BMCS India's ongoing success.

Amit Aggarwal