How does it work?

The true value of Consumer Segment can only be achieved by ensuring that customer neutrality is integrated into a company's day-to-day operations.

Through strategic thinking, we connect customers to your business, content and business goals: growth opportunities, customer base, community energy, telecommunications, digital, composites, culture and more. Therefore, while our customer segmentation support is standalone, it is often embedded in other services such as go-to-market strategies, strategy, portfolio management, omnichannel, category management and more.

Whatever the context, our approach to customer segmentation has 3 key deliverables that provide a platform for greater success:

  1. The Consumer Segmentation:

    The organization has a team of data science experts with extensive business experience and cutting-edge analytical tools. They are fully integrated with the project team to provide intelligence to execute desired projects. This allows us to create, collect and evaluate different types of customers and better understand each customer group by quality (behavior, travel, needs, desire, etc.) and various (spending, age, gender, geographic) considerations. , VESAIR).

  2. The Strategy & Value Proposition Matrix:

    We identify customers to focus on and create effective, actionable plans for each segment. This matrix accomplishes two important things:

    • Connects ideas to action: by turning more theoretical discussion (customer behavior, preferences, etc.) into digitization (portfolio, pricing, communication and information, trust, etc.).

    • Defines content: by identifying the needs of each customer segment in the market and prioritizing them based on your business activities, strategic plans and resources. This creates a decision-making process for interpretation and prioritization.

  3. The Governance:

    For the Matrix to come to life and deliver results, it must be linked to good governance and balance. It defines the roles and responsibilities in all areas for key jobs, ensuring that there is a clear definition of accountability, strategic planning and KPIs to monitor progress.

    We have applied our customer segmentation approach to a wide variety of contexts, needs and markets, both in standalone operations and as part of broader solutions. Whatever the subject, there is:



Customers are the essence of the company, not the essence of business and sales. While it may sound simple to bring all of the internal operations and investments to the customer’s mind, our experience shows that many areas of the business can have a hard time setting the key, rules and plans in a single section. That’s why our approach is to ensure that every office has a variety of contacts and follow-up procedures with new clients. We establish a clear link between strategy and implementation, and we do this at a level where there is real change across all departments (eg.


Being “on the ground” is essential to gain a deep understanding of your operations, employees and customers. We bring external facts to the table through client surveys, client interviews, front-end access and design, focus groups, support from business experts, employee interviews and more. We do this for one purpose: to connect and adapt partitions, matrices and controls to suit your real business. This way we can combine our external knowledge with your specific situation to provide the best solution.


While quick fixes can provide short-term solutions, building new internal resources is critical to long-term success. Our commitment is not only to provide short-term insights and solutions, but to develop and support your internal capabilities so that parts of your business can thrive. We do this by building understanding and support with your team, ensuring that your processes are tied to the client’s deployment for management decisions. This allows the company to constantly and rapidly change as new needs arise. But by providing this, it is possible to create a long-term solution that is the way to manage your divergent ideas.



We have an extensive track record with consumer segment across various sectors, helping companies to grow, increase retention, improve marketing ROI and set the stage ahead of digital transformations. We have worked in various geographies with leading global brands from Food and Beverages, Retail, Education and other industries. We also have especially deep expertise in the Consumer Goods and Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare sectors, with deep knowledge in their market and category dynamics.