What challenge(s) do our clients face?

The healthcare industry is notoriously complex and varies wildly from country to country, however from our experience, there are some challenges intrinsic to the sector which transcend products and geographies.

In every country healthcare is underpinned by a labyrinthine ecosystem – the landscape comprises a huge number of players, is tightly monitored by regulatory bodies, and demand is driven by decision-making split between individuals, doctors and payers (the state and insurance companies). More so than other industries, an in-depth understanding of the market reality is not just recommended to succeed, but critical to play – providing the necessary foundation on top of which further challenges will be layered:

Balancing cost and patient outcome
  • Underlying healthcare is the objective to serve as many patients as possible, with the highest quality care, at the lowest cost.

  • often these goals oppose, and careful trade-offs need to be made within the model to remain competitive without compromising patient care. Such decisions need to be informed by highly detailed analyses and data-driven simulations – which leave little room for error.

Regulatory requirements
  • Regulatory pathways drive product launches and day-to-day operations, touching everything from the supply chain to payer negotiations and marketing materials.

  • Regulatory steps are non-negotiable and reviews often present long, unpredictable lead times. To maintain speed and enable internal strategy, businesses need to prepare for multiple scenarios, and embed agility in their teams to react to body guidance.

Gaining efficiency through shared services
  • Due to the highly localized nature of the industry, knowledge and best practices tend to be built within local operations, alongside specialized processes and enabling roles adherent to market requirements.

  • While other industries can build scale easily through global areas and shared services, centralized models are extremely challenging to implement effectively in healthcare: while there are clear savings to be made, it is critical to maintain the depth of knowledge necessary to navigate each market – leaning too far toward top-down decisions exposes the business to non-compliance and team frustrations.

Building sales team capabilities
  • Characteristics and regulatory guidelines differ significantly between sales channels, and even within channels – wholesalers and distributors are served very differently to hospitals, and one hospital may have considerably more professionalized procurement procedures than the next.

  • To guarantee that reps are equipped with the knowledge to operate in each channel, a precise balance needs to be struck in both sales team structure and training – it is too costly and time consuming to cross-train one team, but complicating the structure through overspecialization can lead to difficulties in day-to-day management.

How do we help?

With experience in healthcare products at different stages of the lifecycle all around the world, we understand the need to start from a solid foundation of local market knowledge

When each of these challenges is layered upon the next, the true complexity of operating and succeeding in healthcare becomes clear. Above all, Integration believes that knowing your business context, objectives, and local market is critical – and each of our projects is tailored to the specific needs and characteristics of the client, built and delivered together with the local team who will continue to lead the day-to-day.

Our practice-driven structure enables us to combine methodologies across supply chain, finance and management, marketing and sales, and implementation, and compose teams with the expertise to bring targeted challenge and technical solutions. Our professionals have worked across industries and geographies, and are equipped with a wealth of benchmarks and references to drive outside-in thinking, identify opportunities and deliver tangible results.

We know that flexibility is key – and all of our projects are adjusted week-by-week with you to guarantee that your needs are being met.



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Ishani Dutta is a Managing Partner at BMCS India. He brings more than 25 years of experience helping companies in diverse industries improve top- and bottom-line results through new Sales and Marketing Strategies.

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Riya Kapoor is an engagement manager within BMCS India Finance & Management practice and has been working in the company since November 2017. His project experience includes go-to-market review.

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Naina Singh joined BMCS India in 2011 and found his home in our Finance & Management practice. He has supported our clients in the creation Strategic Roadmaps, M&A synergy evaluations, Go-to-Market strategies

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Navya Pal is a senior manager at BMCS India. From may 2014 to jan 2018 she worked in the Finance & Management Practice, and since then has been serving the Implementation Practice as a Finance & Management

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