What challenge(s) do our clients face?

How do you develop the power and ability to effectively develop, set and monitor pricing, business policies and marketing budgets in response to the increasingly fluid competitive challenges and customer journey?

As channels become more fluid and markets become more competitive, securing appropriate pricing and commercial policies is critical to successful business organization and business ideas.

In this new reality, it is very common for companies to consciously or unconsciously face a negative cost due to a variety of issues:

  • Set the right price:-

    Set the right price for the customer based on competition, the customer's willingness to pay, the customer's true value, and the experience channel in terms of information, tools, or internal updates. It's a campaign. Maintaining margins between channels while still competitive should be strong and will vary from region to region.

  • Link revenue management to strategy:-

    Create business and marketing policies to align the organization's strategy with brand goals, market share and profits are still difficult in the current context. He should have a deep understanding of the company's products and customers.

  • Integration of marketing policy with sales objectives:-

    To maintain sales objectives and avoid price discrepancy among users, the product must be aligned between business and sales objectives/incentives, which is difficult to achieve.

  • Optimize business spend:-

    Optimize business spend based on customer needs and resources, not actual 'feelings', it causes companies to consider selling rather than actually selling to customers

  • Revenue Management Policy:-

    Easier said than done, and implement Information management to prevent "illegal" deals that could harm the site or profits. Businesses must improve their revenue management processes over the years. Too much assimilation is a mistake that can destroy the entire concept of product management

  • Build consensus among stakeholders:-

    Consider how you will design policies to meet the diverse (sometimes conflicting) needs of stakeholders and set relevant expectations The real possibilities and limitations of money management Emerging as a force is a challenge in itself.

How do we help?

For retail customers, we can help you define your organization's product quality; by setting fair margins between channels to determine optimization strategies.

We support manufacturing companies and services in the following areas:

  • Redesigning Consumer-Facing Pricing Strategies:

    How to position your product or service from the consumer's point of view and seize the opportunity while considering your actual marketing and business strategy;

  • Business Spend Optimization:

    How you can improve your organization's business spend optimization return provides guidance for future business use of dividends. ;

  • Management and restructuring process:

    establishing management and processes related to revenue management to monitor and adjust the results of identified costs, administrative rules, business and marketing strategies;

  • Delivery strategies:

    Evaluate the best strategies to determine how to phase out price adjustments, when to pilot them, and how to "sell" new products, taking into account the risk, impact (customers and consumers) and complexity of each change.

  • Support tools:

    We are not software or research vendors, we understand the company's needs, evaluate tools in the market, and recommend investments that we believe are best for the company's time and needs.

What are the benefits?

  • Reinventing revenue management as a strategy to increase profitability:

    use of inventory, cost of sales and marketing policy as a direct function of marketing and GTM holders

  • Improve profitable results:

    Maintain margins by catching good deals along the value chain and sourcing in advertising and discounts by ROI

  • Enhance tracking capabilities:

    Bring insights into business value, competitive behavior and opportunities across the value chain, identify the best way to capture and analyze data

How does it work?

Revenue management should start with understanding customer sentiment and real market conditions. This “outside-in” view can then be translated into the overall value of your brand by defining customer goals, sales value, investment and revenue for each channel.

Our approach to revenue management helps people know the truth of their own business, as we have experience applying our approach across organizations in different fields. We go through data analysis to ensure we understand the business strategy and our ability to implement our recommendations to make each project unique. We work side by side with teams across the organization, and our approach breaks down into seven steps:

We can work throughout the project  training your sales force, creating interactive documents, and/or managing the use of new systems and tools  as needed to ensure change happens as quickly as possible.



We have worked with several leading FMCG companies when they took on the challenging task of defining and implementing a revenue management strategy. This experience spans organizations in the areas of food and beverage, personal care and home care, as well as pharmacy, distribution, metal products and cleaning supplies and household appliances.

Working in all countries (South America, North America and Europe), our experts have developed a deep understanding of the market, best practices and customer needs, region and economy. This allows us to offer our clients powerful and customized solutions that take into account the internal and external environment.

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BMCS India

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