What challenge(s) do our clients face?

As consumers increasingly demand more customized and ethical services, logistics operators are under greater pressure than ever to transform their businesses in response.

In recent years, we have seen that efficiency requirements and complex consumer demands have put growing pressure on supply chains across industries. Logistics operators not only face challenges in terms of their own businesses but also in terms of the critical role that they play for their partners.

These challenges can be categorized into three macro drivers:

Growing Business Pressures

  • The importance of being operationally resilient and efficient is an emerging trend. This requires boosting risk management capabilities in the design and management of operations so that risks related to business continuity can be mitigated without needing to rely on costly idleness.
  • Sustainability – from both an environmental and social perspective – is an ever growing supply chain pressure, especially given the potential emissions impacts from transportation.
  • Cutting-edge technology is vital for providing visibility and automating these new requirements throughout the supply chain. Such technologies include blockchain, IoT and AI, among others. Disruptive technologies such as vehicle “Uberization”, 3D printing and autonomous vehicles are likely to introduce additional pressures as well.

3PL Market Reality

  • The market is highly commoditized, leading to tight margins and intense price competition as clients seek to optimize their value chains.
  • The market is highly fragmented, which presents growth opportunities through M&As, especially considering the importance of economies of scale.
  • The market is rife with inconsistency in service levels, and it is not always clear whether a global or local operator will be optimal in any given context.

Shipper’s Unique Needs

  • With a focus on the end-user experience, customers demand ever more specific customizations such as ultra-express deliveries, channel integration, real-time order tracking etc.
  • Because each sector needs specific types of customization, logistics providers are faced with a trade-off between being flexible for these needs while striving to remain cost efficient.


How do we help?

Our global experience on both sides of the logistics partner relationship allows us to support our clients in navigating these challenges with a tailored approach informed by best-practices.

There are three fundamental pillars we use to support logistics operators overcome these challenges:

  • Understanding the 3PL market:

    We have an extensive knowledge base of benchmarks and best practices built from delivering strategic projects with many of the world’s leading logistics companies.

  • Knowledge of the other side of the table:

    Having delivered over 600 supply chain projects in various industries around the world, we understand the reality and needs of the clients served by logistics operators and the foundations upon which a productive relationship must be built.

  • Tailor-made, results-driven solutions:

    Each logistics operator has a specific context and needs. We work with our clients’ teams to develop fully tailored solutions that are a best-fit for their respective service offering, structure, target markets and requirements. This proximity enables our clients to effectively carry on the project’s legacy even after the Integration team has left.



We have worked with clients in different categories, geographies and positions along the value chain:

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