We all have room to grow and improve. Wanting to advance professionally and develop individually requires two things: an environment that supports self-improvement and an individual willing to advance.

To guarantee an environment and tools for our professionals to grow was one of the original goals of our founding partners, and it has become deeply embedded in everything we do. For this reason, we guarantee certain resources for our professionals such as:


Tutoring Program

Every new professional enters our year-long tutoring program where they have close access to support from other professionals. However, as you grow, learning at Integration never stops; development is prioritized in every project no matter what stage of your career.

Training Development

We have a Learning Program based on professional learning needs, starting with a two-week induction and continues through your career.

Project Evaluations

Every professional receives a full evaluation for every project. The evaluation lays out points for their individual development in that context and creates concrete action plans to ensure the focus is always on learning.

Bi-weekly Feedback

Giving and receiving feedback is an integral part of working at Integration. All our project teams sit together every two weeks to give formal, 360-degree feedback, and providing real-time feedback is encouraged.

3 Promotion Cycles

We conduct three promotion cycles each year, which means there is no speed limit on your career. As a fast-paced business with a strong focus on professional development, our professionals can progress quickly.

Individual Career

Because each individual is unique, we believe that each career path should be unique. With no up-or-out policy, we focus on ensuring that you have the information and options available to make the right decisions to grow.

Do’s and Don’ts

Every team member keeps an up-to-date record of the projects and experiences they do and don’t want to be involved in. We work as hard as we can to ensure that all professionals are exposed to the challenges they need to grow.

Annual Career Plan

Every year, each one of our professionals meets with a senior professional to openly discuss their development and career plan. Together, we plan out the experiences the professional needs and desires, and once it is agreed we make it happen.

Early Responsibility

Interns and business analysts have early responsibilities, performing important roles internally and externally – whether that is participating and leading internal activities in Integration or being exposed to senior clients and leading work front(s) in a project.


From day one, each professional at Integration receives mentoring from a senior on our leadership team. This mentor serves as a formal point of contact at Integration and is tasked with supporting the professionals in different aspects of their career, connecting them with other professionals and exploring tools as well as opportunities within the company.


The Integration Assistance Program (IAP) supports professionals in diverse personal as well as occupational matters that can have a significant impact on their well-being. Managed by Workplace Options, IAP seeks to support professionals and their families with useful information, practical support and counseling on a wide range of work, family and personal topics.


One of the main ways we can ensure that Integration’s culture remains strong and up to date is by expressing your own opinion. Serving as the formal communication channel between Integration and its professionals, Audience considers the understanding and perspectives of others and provides Integration the visibility needed to address questions, necessities, interests and room for improvement.


On top of coaching, tutoring and in-project learning, we have developed a structured Learning Program. This provides a map of possible needs the professional may have and all the resources and tools provided by Big Management. These include not only technical but also soft skills, and important understandings about Big Management, your career and your role.



                              STEER YOUR CAREER


You have unique needs and unique goals. For some this may be promotion, for others working in a new sector, or making a change within the company.

At Integration we recognize that professionals are at their best when they are treated as individuals. Rather than defining a set path or timeframe for progression, we focus on ensuring that you have the information and options available to make the right decisions to grow.

A mind-set of continuous development is central to the way we work at every level of the company, as our clients and projects consistently challenge us to consider new possibilities and find new solutions. We need to be ready for each new challenge.

                                YOUR DEVELOPMENT


As a fast-paced business with a strong focus on professional development, the professionals in Integration have space to progress quickly. Your career is a consequence of your performance and evolution, the pace of change is up to you.

Each project earns you an evaluation. Three times a year the leadership group sits together to understand the progress you have made and discusses the challenges and experiences you need to continue growing in the future.

Every individual receives detailed feedback on their performance to give visibility of what areas they must improve to move on in their career.