What challenges do our clients face?

Customers, stores, omnichannel, brand subscriptions, products, sales - there's a lot to think about when creating a path for building the perfect store and the in-store marketing experience.

In today's security environment, where customers are more demanding than ever, a strong and diverse business is not only essential, but also essential to protection and security business growth. It's not unusual for organizations to spend millions of dollars improving their point of sale (POS), but beyond investment, we've seen our customers face many challenges across industries and regions:

  • ELink levers of power:

    Create additional actions aligned with the organization's strategy, priorities and time to increase brand clarity and awareness as you finish

  • Consider the reality of each channel:

    Understand how customers' needs differ across the channel, and make a distribution for each activation, not a "one size fits all".

  • Ensure strategy is implemented:

    Make execution simple and pragmatic to ensure requirements are clearly defined within the sales team to maximize impact.

  • Improve organization and management:

    Make strategic choices in the business organization and apply effective management to monitor success, feedback results, and track trends. link between levers

  • What's on the seller's side:

    Build your strategy keeping in mind that in any business, market reality can be different, and even in the same store, the market can have different characteristics

How do we help?

We work with teams in your organization to create the right strategy, connect all activities, differentiate processes by segment, and ensure implementation feasibility.

Using your team's knowledge, experience and field research, we support our clients in:

  • Segment sales channels and stores by customers

  • Define brand purpose for each segment, connect with marketing strategy

  • Identify the best data for each segment based on analysis of performance data

  • Institutional pricing structure and price positioning for each business segment

  • Identify a store and its resources based on an analysis of the impact of each behavior on each customer

  • Simulate the impact of a strategic or management change on sales and costs

  • Identify internal drivers for usage and access to buyer insights and sales intelligence

Building the perfect store

What are the benefits?

Perfect Store benefits your organization, your dealers and your customers - BMCS is building the perfect store :

  • Align strategy with reality:

    Make sure the organization's strategy makes sense for all stores in the current business environment and capture opportunities grow

  • Effective translation to execution:

    build buy-in from different functional areas across the organization, and monitor execution and results through a clear, robust governance

  • Improve retail sales and service:

    Strengthen relationships with retailers by providing best-in-class customer service that meets the unique needs of retailers. design and promote sales growth

  • Additional Revenue:

    Drive higher sales through key brand SKUs for all segments and categories, resulting in higher customer conversion rates

  • Improve business investment efficiency:

    Investments to increase ROI and eliminate inefficiencies

  • Effective support models:

    Plan internal models to accommodate usage, better maintenance, and ability to adapt based on feedback from the field

  • Build the capabilities of the future:

    Optimize data and business process capital for all sales areas to drive continuous improvement


How does it work?

It all starts with understanding the customer and ends with full BMCS.

Creating the perfect store is more than defining the right product, marketing strategy or pricing strategy. To achieve real results, your vision needs to be projected across the organization – from building strategic relationships to business goals, people selling true partners, and customer needs; effective coordination between multiple levers; and ensure enforcement standards are in place. pleased. Team support and collaboration are key to success at the right price, and organizations aiming to use a negative market should be prepared to strike a deal while considering business issues.

Every project and client has unique elements that must be understood and addressed when creating effective capture opportunities. Integration does not believe in a 'copy and paste' approach - we work closely with all areas of your business to find root cause trouble spots, create custom solutions issues that use your knowledge of the field and bring best practices, long-term planning. - Managed and managed by your team.

Our approach is divided into four phases:

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Our global business management portfolio covers many business segments and markets working with B2B and B2C companies. We understand the idiosyncrasies and facts to tailor our solutions in a way that promotes positive outcomes. Some of the businesses we work with include:

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Dhruv Patel is an engagement manager at BMCS and has been working since 2019 in the Argentinean office in the Supply Chain Practice.

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Aarush Gandhi is a Manager at BMCS with significant experience in Supply Chain and Implementation having worked across both of BMCS practices.

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Nikhil Singh is a Director at BMCS and has been working since July 2011 in the practice of Marketing & Sales. Prior to BMCS, Jonathan was an Analyst

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Keshav is a Manager in the Marketing & Sales practice. Originally from Columbia, Luis is an entrepreneur at heart, and has worked in several start-ups in Colombia, receiving his MBA

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Rishi Sinha is a Specialist on Supply Chain Strategy at BMCS, working since 2010 at the firm. He has over 20 years of experience in Supply Chain collaborating with companies

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Knish is a Managing Partner and has overseen the Mexico City office since 2008. Prior to Integration, Gerard accumulated 25 years of experience in executive positions at L’Oréal

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Rajbir is a senior manager I within the Implementation practice at BMCS, and has been part of the team since July 2011. His experience includes leading transformational projects.

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