What challenge(s) do our clients face?

From rental cars and city bicycles to agricultural equipment and construction cranes, the rental market facilitates the movement of people, goods, infrastructure, and the economy as a whole. Though by no means a new market in itself, the diversity, scope and complexity of this segment continues to accelerate, especially as technological advances and specialization make the demand for agile, flexible solutions ever more crucial.

Rather than make expensive fleet investments themselves, individuals and businesses often prefer to pass on this financial burden to specialized partners.

  • Besides requiring heavy up-front investments, competing in the rental market comes with its own set of challenges.
  • This segment is highly pulverized in most corners of the world, with markets such as in Brazil and the United States segmented into numerous regions, each with its big players and plethora of small, specialized competitors. As such, any company seeking an effective market-entry strategy needs a deep degree of refined knowledge.
  • To differentiate themselves, it is essential for new and existing players to focus on technology and innovation in order to offer clients an attractive business model that stands out. Finding the right mix of solutions and entering into fruitful alliances are now more essential than ever for this segment.
  • Finally, a balance must be found between offering specialization and ensuring repeated rentals and sales. The question here is: How can my business offer context-specific solutions with a sufficient degree of volume that also appeal to recurrent needs on the part of my consumers?

How do we help?

We consult diverse businesses in this industry to help them navigate and adjust to the challenges and complexities of the rental market reality. Having worked with rental companies in both the automotive and civil construction sectors, Integration has first-hand knowledge of the essential strategies and considerations. Combined with functional expertise of our practices, from Marketing & Sales through to Implementation, we work side-by-side with clients to create tailor-made solutions and business strategies that cover some of the following aspects.