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Discover the Real Estate Solutions You Need with BMCS India. As a trusted business consultancy firm, we specialize in providing expert guidance and strategic solutions for the real estate industry. Our team of consultants combines in-depth market knowledge with a client-focused approach to help you navigate the dynamic real estate landscape. Whether you’re an investor, developer, or property owner, we offer comprehensive services tailored to your unique needs. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your real estate ventures and achieve long-term success.

What challenge(s) do our clients face?

Successful Construction and Property Development companies not only take wise strategic choices, but also execute them efficiently. A combination of insight and operational excellence which can be hard to deliver consistently.

In this industry, where several years may pass from negotiating land contracts through to final delivery and payment of the sold real estate, many pressures exist which impact actors in the supply and demand side of the value chain; for example:

  • High capital intensity:

    Acquiring attractive lands and the construction of both residential and commercial buildings requires significant upfront investments. Companies often connect with public and private financial institutions, including traditional banks and specialized investment funds, to access the liquidity required for starting and running these operations.

  • Long lead time and investment cycles:

    It can often take several years from negotiation until construction is completed and the asset can be transferred and paid for. As contracts frequently require the majority of payment upon delivery, this puts financial pressure on the operator. Inefficient processes, poor decisions and delivery delays can therefore deteriorate expected returns.

  • High sensitivity to economic volatility:

    Real estate prices and availability of capital for construction projects are heavily affected by a given economic context. During a boom the industry flourishes, whilst downturns bring tough challenges. All players therefore need to diversify to mitigate this risk and engage in different types of projects, such as a combination of commercial and residential property. At the same time, they need to balance this diversification with the trend towards specialization and the development of a USP vs. competitors.

  • Low margin for error:

    Especially for those on the supply side, such as cement manufacturers, low margins mean that lack of optimization in the delivery network or supply chain can rapidly reduce profits and put pressure on sales which cannot be realized in a struggling economic context.

  • How do we help?

    We help organizations across the Real Estate value chain to manage this dichotomy of long-term strategic thinking and operational excellence.

    Having worked with construction companies on the supply side, as well as investment funds and retailers on the demand side, we have built up an understanding of the dynamics of the industry and what it takes to win.

    Combining this knowledge with the different functional expertise which exists within Integration from our practices, we are able to provide a range of services which covers all aspects:


    We have worked with clients in different categories, geographies and positions along the value chain:

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    Ishani Dutta is a Managing Partner at BMCS India. He brings more than 25 years of experience helping companies in diverse industries improve top- and bottom-line results through new Sales and Marketing Strategies.

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    Riya Kapoor is an engagement manager within BMCS India Finance & Management practice and has been working in the company since November 2017. His project experience includes go-to-market review.

    Riya Kapoor

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    Naina Singh joined BMCS India in 2011 and found his home in our Finance & Management practice. He has supported our clients in the creation Strategic Roadmaps, M&A synergy evaluations, Go-to-Market strategies

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    Dhruv Patel is an engagement manager in the Marketing & Sales Practice at BMCS India and has been working at the company since May 2021. Prior to BMCS India, Luis Miguel was a senior business strategist

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    Navya Pal is a senior manager at BMCS India. From may 2014 to jan 2018 she worked in the Finance & Management Practice, and since then has been serving the Implementation Practice as a Finance & Management

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    Pablo Álvarez is an engagement manager within BMCS India Supply Chain area, and has been working in the company since August 2016. His experience at BMCS India includes market scans, go-to-market

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