What challenge(s) do our clients face?

To deliver sustainable and healthy returns PE firms must become successful operating partners for their portfolio companies.

High entry multiples and competition for assets is putting pressure on private equity companies to continue to deliver top quartile returns. Firms can no longer rely purely on financial engineering to enhance portfolio value and instead must become more innovative through operational improvements.

The greatest challenge that PE managers face today, therefore, is to become successful operating partners for their portfolio companies, actively supporting them to deliver significant and sustainable value and deliver the expected returns. It is not enough anymore to only bring-in an experienced management team and rely on senior experts on the board.

True operating partners must be engaged across the entire life-cycle of the deal, guaranteeing that the due diligence clearly identifies the main drivers of value-creation, collaborating with management teams to guide the business through the growth cycle, and truly understanding and focusing on the human element of the business. The working culture of a company, with an engaged, enthusiastic and incentivized team in the right organizational design is critical to success.

How do we help?

Integration has supported several private equity managers in this challenge of becoming a better operating partner. Our functional expertise, coupled with our hands-on, collaborative and pragmatic approach enables us to help these clients with different investment theses and throughout the investment cycle.



We have worked with clients in different categories, geographies and positions along the value chain:

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BMCS India
BMCS India

Ishani Dutta is a Managing Partner at BMCS India. He brings more than 25 years of experience helping companies in diverse industries improve top- and bottom-line results through new Sales and Marketing Strategies.

Ishani Dutta

BMCS India

Riya Kapoor is an engagement manager within BMCS India Finance & Management practice and has been working in the company since November 2017. His project experience includes go-to-market review.

Riya Kapoor

BMCS India

Naina Singh joined BMCS India in 2011 and found his home in our Finance & Management practice. He has supported our clients in the creation Strategic Roadmaps, M&A synergy evaluations, Go-to-Market strategies

Naina Singh

BMCS India

Dhruv Patel is an engagement manager in the Marketing & Sales Practice at BMCS India and has been working at the company since May 2021. Prior to BMCS India, Luis Miguel was a senior business strategist

Dhruv Patel

Engagement Manager
BMCS India

Navya Pal is a senior manager at BMCS India. From may 2014 to jan 2018 she worked in the Finance & Management Practice, and since then has been serving the Implementation Practice as a Finance & Management

Navya Pal

BMCS India

Pablo Álvarez is an engagement manager within BMCS India Supply Chain area, and has been working in the company since August 2016. His experience at BMCS India includes market scans, go-to-market

Arya rana

Engagement Manager