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Halal Certificate

If your business aims to target Muslim consumers by marketing products and services, acquiring a Halal Certificate becomes a pivotal initiative. This certificate attests that your offerings align with Islamic Law, making them permissible for consumption by the Muslim community.

Bmcs specializes in providing a comprehensive Halal Certificate Service designed to assist businesses in securing Halal Certification for their products and services. Our team of experts is dedicated to guiding you through the certification process, ensuring that your offerings meet the necessary criteria for Halal Certification.

Securing a Halal Certificate in India can be instrumental for businesses in various ways. It facilitates market expansion, establishes consumer trust and confidence, ensures compliance with regulatory standards, fosters a competitive edge, and enables access to a burgeoning market of Muslim consumers.

Halal Certification is predominantly sought for food and related products, holding particular significance in Islamic countries. The term “Halal” originates from the Quran, signifying “permitted” or “lawful.” In accordance with Islamic law, or Shariah, this certification is specifically applied to food and consumables deemed permissible for consumption. The essence of Halal Certification extends beyond food, emphasizing cleanliness in various aspects of an individual’s life. Halal-certified foods are intended to be clean, hygienic, and non-detrimental to one’s health and well-being.

This certification serves as a guarantee that the food product meets the stipulated standards for safe consumption. As awareness regarding Halal foods continues to rise, an increasing number of businesses are actively pursuing Halal Certification for their diverse range of products, including restaurants and premises, reflecting a growing commitment to meeting the preferences and requirements of consumers who adhere to Halal dietary guidelines.

In India, a Halal Certificate is an official document provided by a Halal certification body or authority. This certificate serves as confirmation that a product or service adheres to Islamic dietary laws and guidelines, thereby being deemed permissible or “Halal” for consumption by Muslims.

The importance of Halal Certification in India extends beyond the realm of food and beverages to include pharmaceuticals and personal care products. Additionally, it can be applicable to non-food products or services. Businesses aspiring to attain Halal Certification in India are required to align with the specific standards and guidelines established by the certification body or authority. This involves undergoing a comprehensive inspection and audit process to ensure strict compliance with the stipulated criteria.

The nature of Halal Certification varies based on the type of business involved. Typically, entities like restaurants, hotels, slaughterhouses, and providers of packaging and labeling materials seek Halal Certification to ensure alignment with the preferences of Muslim consumers. However, the scope of Halal Certification extends beyond the realm of food production. It encompasses various products, including non-alcoholic beverages, raw materials for food processing, pharmaceutical and healthcare items, traditional herbal products, cosmetics, personal care products, cleaning agents, and everyday consumer goods.

Halal Certification Bodies offer diverse certification schemes tailored to different sectors. These schemes include the Food and Catering Scheme, Restaurant Scheme, Industrial Scheme, Abattoir Scheme, Warehouse or Storage Scheme, and Product Endorsement Scheme. This comprehensive approach ensures that businesses in various industries can obtain specialized Halal Certification based on their specific operations and offerings.

The validity of a Halal Certificate typically lasts for one year. Still, it is subject to certain conditions and may be revoked if the product or process no longer meets the Halal Certification requirements.

To obtain a Halal Certificate in India, businesses must ensure that their products and manufacturing processes meet Halal requirements, obtain Certification from a recognized certification body registered with the Halal Board of India, and comply with all relevant laws and regulations related to Halal Certification.

The procedure to obtain Halal Certification in India is as follows:

Step 1: Application

The business wishing to obtain Halgettification must apply to one of the Certification Bodies. At Bmcs, we help businesses understand the requirements for obtaining Halal Certification and provide guidance on the application process.

Step 2: Conducting the Audit

After the business has submitted its application, a team of auditors (typically one Shariah Auditor and one Technical Auditor) will conduct an on-site inspection of the business’s operations. The auditors will review and assess the following areas to ensure that they meet the requirements for Halal Certification:

During the audit, the business may need to provide criteria for accepting raw materials, a certificate of analysis, and a Halal certificate for individual components. Once the audit is completed, the audit report is to be signed.

Step 3: Certification

After the audit, the Halal Certification Body’s Technical Committee will review the audit report and other relevant documents the business provides. If the auditors’ report is satisfactory, and the company and its products meet the Halal certification criteria, the Halal Certification Body will issue the Halal Certificate. The certificate will include detail such as the name and address of the business, the scope of the Certification, and the validity period.

Bmcs can provide comprehensive services to businesses seeking Halal Certification, from consultation to document preparation, audit assistance, and certification support.

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